Zoomingins Art Series: Geometric Abstraction as a Response to Uncertain Times


During times of uncertainty and vulnerability, people often seek reassurance through structure and order. The early 20th century was a period marked by the devastation of the First World War and the political upheaval of the Russian Revolution, which left people feeling lost and uncertain. In response, artists turned to geometric abstraction, characterized by its emphasis on structure and order, to provide a sense of stability and predictability during a time of great upheaval.


In contemporary times, we face new challenges and uncertainties, including the COVID-19 pandemic, its economic fallout, and conflicts such as the war in Ukraine. In response, like Malevitch, Kandinsky, Mondrian, and other artists before him, Ilya Yod has turned to geometric abstraction as a means of creating order and structure in a chaotic world.


Yod's Zoomingins art series explores the intricacies of geometric abstraction by zooming in on the human-like characters made of cubes, which the artist developed in his Figures series. Through this process, Yod uncovers hidden patterns that he puts on canvas or paper and fills with bold and vibrant colors.


Yod's exploration of geometric abstraction is a way of examining themes that transcend time and place, such as color and order. By creating visually captivating artwork, Yod's work serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring power of art to provide refuge and solace during difficult times.