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We all want to be understood. People have large ideas and talking about large ideas takes work. Powers can take over conversations, offer their own convenient explanations, reducing conversations with different views down into extremely simple slogans. Messages that sound acceptable when they are not discussed or challenged. Images can be manipulative.


When I was younger, airbrushing in photos was easily discernible. Today high technology creates images to impersonate impartial reporting. The exaggerations, photoshopping, deception imitates impartial documents with tiny changes, especially changes that oversimplify complex ideas into convenient categories of right and wrong, changes just small enough to avoid major scrutiny. Diverse ideas are subtly changed to group together, replied with generic answers, people who

started with a variety of different opinions are rallied together for political powers. I talk about people, and any part of people is gigantic. People are too often oversimplified to manage them: he is a plumber, she is a mother of two boys. But more than a plumber, he reads stories at the old folks home; more than a mother, she works to free jailed journalists.


Taking in big ideas is difficult. And there are so many different big ideas. My images break down many big ideas into smaller pieces to digest. My art reverts images to an earlier antiquated state where image manipulations are more easily distinguishable. 


I want to challenge insidiousness. I trust people to form their own minds on large topics without any easy answers.