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Me. Human

Many people beware the increasing penetration of new technologies into human life. The debate among scientists about their impact on humanity is growing torrid: some believe that they are a boon that offers new opportunities for communication, trade, and learning; however, others warn of the threat these can bring to our existence. The concept of a technological singularity, an event that might happen in the coming decades and dramatically change people's lives, has become increasingly popular.

The future that mankind’s connection to technology has, holds various possibilities, such as: cyborgs, androids, chimeras, and so on. All of the examples above raise the problem of answering the questions,— “what is man?” Do we have a personality? Where is the boundary between man and nature, man and animal, living and inanimate? These are the questions that I explore in my painting.

  InFrance (2013)   Early Works (2008–2014)