The Windows painting series began with my life in France: where everything seemed unnaturally tamed. Urban landscapes with grid street layouts, manicured plastered facades and invariably smiling passers-by admired and frightened me at the same time. Having come from noisy, wild Russia to this man-made country, I felt superfluous, like a stain of borscht on a snow-white tablecloth.


It is said loneliness is associated only with a person’s experiences, but has an absolutely material basis. A cold bed, the sound of a dripping faucet in the kitchen, heartburn from unusual food—these are the things that are overlooked, but can drive the lonely mad.


Each work in this series has a special detail: a match, a tea bag, everyday object glue onto the paint in an almost sterile pictorial layer. These objects symbolize my otherness. Placing these accents, I feel that everything can become a valuable element of any composition, while retaining the right to be himself.