"Throughout history, people have been fascinated with their own image and how they are perceived by others. This fascination goes back to the dawn of civilization where people created art to immortalize themselves and make a lasting impression of their worth. In the modern era, this fascination has only grown, with social media posts and magazine covers becoming carefully curated representations of ourselves. However, in this pursuit of image, we often forget to look beyond the surface and explore the complexity of our minds.


My art challenges traditional representations of humans and our understanding of ourselves. Using a combination of painting, drawing, and digital media, I explore the depths of our minds, its capabilities and limitations, in a way that is visually and intellectually stimulating. Working with a series of works allows me to delve deeper into complex ideas, and I use bright and vibrant colors originating from my rare ability to detect a wider range of shades and hues. My goal is to provide people with a different, more complex perspective of themselves."—Ilya Yod.