"In my paintings, I embark on a journey of exploration, where I confront the boundaries between figurative and abstract, real and imaginary, traditional and contemporary. This confrontation forms the essence of my work, fuelling my artistic passion.


Using acrylic on canvas, I bring my vision to life through vibrant colours and textured brushstrokes. Each painting is a meticulous process, taking around one to two months to complete. I also create various outdoor drawing studies using watercolour, charcoal, coloured pencils, or other suitable mediums.


Currently, I am deeply engrossed in my exploration of pictures with cubic figures. This ongoing challenge provides me with an opportunity for continued growth and innovation. Inspired by the limitless possibilities they offer, I constantly push my artistic boundaries to craft captivating narratives.


My work is an exploration of the world, a testament to the power of art to stimulate thought, ignite imagination, and motivate self-reflection."—Ilya Yod.