Edible–inedible_2016_800 x 600 px_02.jpg
Edible–inedible_2016_400 x 300 px_01.jpg
Edible–inedible_2016_400 x 300 px_01.jpg

Edible–Inedible. 2016

‘Gallery of XXI Century’ presents an exhibition of gastronomic posters entitled ‘Edible-Inedible’. The artists goal was to combine gastronomy and visual art. Yod`s work ‘Herring under a Fur Coat’ dedicated to one of the two most famous Russian salads, was selected to be a part of the event by the comission of experts and personnaly by Andrei Biljo, famous Russian cartoonist and psychiatrist.

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July 6–31, 2016. Tue.–Sun.: 11am–8pm
22 Kremenchugskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia 121357