Skieshapes art series: Exploring the Raw Power of the Skies

The Skieshapes art series is a collection of drawings featuring my studies of clouds. I created this series in 2021 to capture the raw and powerful aspects of the sky in a way that goes beyond traditional depictions.


Each piece in the series highlights the intricate details and textures of the clouds, using white pencil on black paper. The lack of color in the drawings creates a sense of timelessness and universality. To add more depth and dynamism, I intentionally cut the edges of each piece, creating a sense of transition that suggests the drawings are just momentary snapshots of a larger, ongoing phenomenon.


Through Skieshapes, I explore the unique formations of clouds that can take on ominous forms and create a sense of foreboding, or be swept by the winds into fluid and dynamic shapes. This series encourages viewers to look beyond the conventional beauty of clouds and explore their raw and unbridled nature.