"The sky reminds me of a television screen flickering with images. As if someone is clicking the remote, and the pattern created by the clouds instantly changes to a new one. These patterns are as beautiful as they are fleeting.


One day, the idea of preserving these images came to me. Without much thought, I took a white pencil, placed black paper on the table, and started drawing.


I created several drawings and spread them out in front of me. These images were like moments in time that ceased to exist in time. They lay in space. I found this intriguing. I recalled various hypotheses about nonlinear time and the idea that our perception of time is likely an illusion.


Next, another curious philosophical concept came to mind. It asserts that we live in a computer simulation. I decided to incorporate this idea into my drawings. By cutting off parts from their corners, somewhat resembling Tetris shapes, I made the drawings look like clouds made up of large pixels.


I looked at my works again and was very pleased with them. Because they not only depict the forms of the skies I saw but also tell something very important about our illusory world."—Ilya Yod.