Skieshapes Art Series: Redefining the Traditional Depiction of the Skies


The portrayal of skies in art has been a recurring theme throughout history. Skies are often depicted in a sweet and romanticised way, with fluffy clouds and vibrant colours that symbolise a sense of peace and tranquillity. However, this portrayal can be seen as clichéd and lacking in originality.


To challenge this conventional approach, Ilya Yod took a different path. Using a white pencil on black paper, Ilya Yod created a high contrast between the drawing and negative space, giving his work a distinct rock-inspired look. Drawing inspiration from nature, Ilya Yod focused on capturing the different and unique shapes formed by clouds in the sky.


To further enhance the contemporary feel of his work, Ilya Yod cut the edges of the paper in a way that brings to mind the 3D rendering process. This technique not only adds a modern edge to the pieces but also makes them feel like snapshots captured in the moment.


Overall, Ilya Yod wanted to offer viewers a refreshing and exciting take on the portrayal of skies in art. By embracing a raw and rock-inspired aesthetic and breaking away from tradition, Ilya Yod hoped to have created something truly original and memorable.