Iselfs Art Series: A Life-Long Self-Portrait in Mixed Media Paintings

The Iselfs art series is an exploration of my self-identity through the medium of collages on canvas. As a human, I perceive myself as a complex array of emotions and reactions, and this series is a visual interpretation of the different aspects of my being. Each piece represents a unique expression of my inner world, and together they weave a compelling visual narrative of who I am.


The volumetric letter "I" takes center stage in each painting, serving as a powerful symbol of identity. Using bold and vibrant colors, I express my states and emotions in abstract form, creating a personal language of visual expression. This series has been my ongoing autoportrait, reflecting my inner world since 2009 and continuously evolving over time.


Through the Iselfs series, I convey the depth and complexity of the human experience while inspiring viewers to explore their own minds. I want to encourage people to reflect on their own inner worlds and to discover new aspects of themselves.