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From Contrary. 2010



A group exhibition of paintings by young artists From Сontrary is dedicated to the issue of place of painting pratices in contemporary art. About 50 artists from distinct regions of Russia take part in the event. The exhibition features the works performed in various techniques, including experimental.


Yod's paintings were selected by the expert committee: Shabel'nikov Yuri, Sigutin Alexander, Irina Kulik, Alexander Panov, Abalakova Natalia (group TOTART), Anatoly Zhigalov (group TOTART), Pyrkina Dasha, Kamyshnikova Dasha.




“The exhibition is an ambitious project of young Russian artists. It's a kind of slice of contemporary artistic life of our country. When the young authors are influenced by any institution, they are often at risk of losing the spontaneity of creative expression. In the case of exhibitors From Contrary such a scenario is not observed. We have before us a great example of a new Russian generation of independent artists”.


Kirill Alekseev,
curator of exhibitions of contemporary
art at State Tretyakov Gallery


For more information on the event follow the link or watch the video


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