"People are hard to understand. Yet, I’ve always wanted to get a handle on humanity. Once, during a family gathering in France in the mid-2010s, while, as often, I found myself mainly listening to people wondering how similar we all finally are, a figure composed of cubes or blocks emerged in my mind. I immediately realized it tells me something very true, compiling into one image so many ideas about us. It included those we don't want to be aware of, like how imperfect, simple, and fragile we are.


I wanted to paint these figures of cubes, but their development revealed to be tough. It took me years and dozens of tests before I found the right process, which turned out to be complex and structured. Initially, I drew the cubic representations by hand, but quickly used a computer, which gave me more flexibility for image manipulation. Finally, I combined both methods to achieve the desired result.


This was long before AI technology could create images in mere seconds. But even now, AI still struggles to replicate my figures of cubes, generating awkward-looking pictures with imprecise geometry, shadows, and poses. My experience leads me to believe that this will persist because even if computer technology was crucial to make these representations of cubes possible, the key of their achievement relies on meticulous artistic adjustment."—Ilya Yod.