Figures Art Series: A New
Perspective on Self-Image


The Figures series of paintings by Ilya Yod offers a fresh interpretation of the conventional portrayal of the human form. It questions the very notion of capturing and conserving our physical likeness through artistic expression. Throughout history, individuals have sought to immortalize themselves in paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art, leaving behind impressions of their worth and significance.


Although this fascination with creating self-portraits dates back to the earliest days of human civilization, it has become more accessible to all in modern times. With the advent of social media platforms, individuals can now create and share countless images of themselves effortlessly. However, these images often depict the person we aspire to be rather than who we really are.


The Figures series challenges this concept of self-representation by painting figures made up of cubes, known as cubeletians. Through these figures, the viewers are encouraged to reconsider what it means to capture and convey the essence of the human image.


This unique perspective hopes to inspire introspection and discourse about how we perceive ourselves and others. The goal is to broaden our understanding of what it means to be human and how we can better express this through art.