The cube is an intriguing geometric shape that has attracted people since antiquity. Plato included it among his five essentials of the world, while Hermetic philosophy noted its importance with the Metatron's cube, said to symbolize all existing patterns and shapes. Scientists have highlighted its role as one of the primary building blocks of the Universe when it comes to fragmentation. 


I have been captivated by cubes and their multiple interpretations for many years, but for me the cube embodies unobtainable perfection. Everywhere I observe objects with distorted cube shapes, reminding me that excellence is not achievable.


My Cubed series includes representative Figures series, and abstract Zoomingins and Artefacts series. They are based on 3D characters that I make out of cubes, and their abstract forms featuring close-ups or disfigured body parts. These works are expressed through drawings and paintings.