The cube is one of the most beautiful geometric shapes, and has always fascinated people. Plato included the cube to its five essentials that he believed constituted the world. Hermetic philosophy created the Metatron's cube, a symbol said to contain all the geometric shapes and patterns that exist. Modern scientists tell us that the cube is a universal form of fragmentation, one of the main building blocks of the Universe. 


I have been attracted to cubes and their numerous interpretations for many years. However, for me, the cube is a symbol of the unattainability of the ideal. When I look at all these objects that have a distorted cubic shape, I think of a geometric cube that I can imagine with ease, and that I will never be able to see.

When working on the Cubed series, I sculpt a 3D character in cubes, which I represent as is in my figurative pieces, or manipulate for my abstractions. The Cubed series consists of the Figures series with cubic people, and the Zoomingins and the Artefacts non-figurative series. The Zoomingins series transforms cubic bodies into geometric abstractions, and the Artefacts series shows disfigured bodies parts. Cubed series includes paintings and drawings.