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Art Galleries Marathon in Paris. 93 Galleries in 4 Days

There are more than 1,150 private art galleries in Paris*. Perhaps it is impossible to visit everyone of them, especially when you have only 4 days left, and yet I managed to visit 93 galleries. This is an intense and exciting journey that I called an “art marathon”. The idea came to me while walking through Paris in May time. I went inside the galleries that I met on my way, talked to their inhabitants and absorbed the modern art, until I realized that I wanted to see and feel as much as possible. Then I set myself the goal - to visit as many art galleries as possible in those few days that I had in stock, preparing myself for the opening of the exhibition of my works in France. My “art-marathon” is over, and now I want to share with you my impressions, some insider information and stories of gallery players, many of whom I was lucky enough to communicate in person.


Most of the galleries in Paris are located in three central districts: the Beaubourg or around the centre of Pompidou; in the odious square Place de Vosges and in the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Pres. If you also would like to dive into the world of contemporary art and not only that, then you should come here.

Super Mario Bros by Nintendo, 1985

Galerie Metanoia 


The gallery specializes in international art. Works side by side with Japan. Stage-manage festivals and master classes.


Galerie Valérie Delaunay 


A small gallery of modern art which is working with some very young artists (20-30 years old). It can be closed during working hours, as the gallerist is sometimes away.


Art Génération 


A small gallery with very accessible modern art is more like a shop. It looks like people buy here a lot and quite often! The main style of the following works is Pop Art. 




The gallery specializes in animal protection. The exhibition demonstrates documentary photographs describing the problem in general and the history of a particular animal. A very interesting place if you know French.


Galerie Nicolas Flamel


At the time of my visit, the gallery hosted an exhibition of sculptures on the theme of armor and various weapons.


Galerie W (1)


The first section, consisting of two parts of the gallery, is completely devoted to photography. The gallery presents abstract photographs made in the long exposure technique. All of the works of large format.


Galerie W (2)


This is the second section of the gallery is dedicated to visual art. It is 500 meters away from the first one, on the next street. The gallery is interesting to visit.


Galerie Templon


A big and serious gallery. A feature: the gallery has an elevator! Among the artists is my favorite - Chinese painter Yue Minjun.


Galerie Alberta Pane


A very frugal exhibition space. The gallery has a second space in Venice. Gallery mainly works with sculpture and performance.



Galerie Bertrand Grimonе 


The gallery specializes in modern art. Unfortunately, at the time of my visit, there were some dismantling works of the previous exhibition going on, but I was invited to go through and look at the unpacked works.


Galerie Tokonoma


A small gallery located in a Japanese house. By her own words, it is specialized in spirituality. At the time of my visit, there was an exhibition of photography. The walls were literally swarmed with black and white photographs placed in thick frames, which is not very usual for art galleries.


Galerie Lab


Small but a very nice gallery, where you will be kindly informed about the presented works of art. The gallery actively works with artists of hyperrealists, representatives of modern art. I liked mostly the abstract painting, which changes color depending on the angle of view.


Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou


An authoritative gallery, which features famous French modern artists from 40 to 80 years, such as Valerie Mrejen, Marion Baruch, Julian Descrit. The gallery works only with 9 artists.


Kogan Gallery


The gallery is temporarily closed for reorganization. The site promises that it will soon be reopened to the public.


Galerie Simon Madeleine


Personal gallery by artist Simon Madeleine. A very modest space. The artist works at the intersection of arts, enacting with 3D and 2D visualizations in art. In this gallery, you can talk to the author in person.


Galerie Christophe Gaillard


It's a very spacious gallery. It works with modern young artists but they are serious artists. Still the staff is not very friendly at the receptionist stand.


Marian Goodman Gallery


One of the world's most influential modern art galleries. Paris is home to a branch of the New York Gallery. Located in the courtyard of the building. It's roomy inside. The works correspond to the size of the gallery. It is obligatory for art lovers to visit!


Galerie Mitterrand


The gallery is in the courtyard. In order to get into it you will need to ring the bell. It's a very serious gallery. It was founded by the brother of former French President Jean Gabriel Mitterran in 1988. In his own words, specializes in modern sculpture. The gallery presents key works of art of the era.


Art Concept


Gallery of modern art, specializing in installation and sculpture. It presents works of large size and they are incredibly interesting to examine.


Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery 


At the time of my visit, the gallery hosted an exhibition of an abstract artist, but judging by the website is not the only focus of the gallery. The gallery has not collected a lot of artists yet, and it seems to be still quite novice.


Galerie Jamault


The gallery represents young artists that are working with painting, graphics and photography.

19, rue des blancs manteaux


Galerie Sakura 


The gallery can be described as a pop art space, focusing on retro cartoons and video games. The gallery has a basement floor having retro slot machines in addition to the paintings. Your kids won't get bored here.


Champop Galerie


Pop art and street art ures: Banksy, Jason Chrisman, Mister Luca T, Luca T, Skizo and other famous artists known in the world. A small emotional bonus: the gallery has a big sad and fat dog, which sometimes comes out to melancholically stare at the audience. 


Sobering Galerie


A small but prestigious gallery featuring such authors as Tomas Andea Barbey, Pavlos and Nathalie Rothkoff. I was impressed by the large-scale work called The Sea by the modern French artist Thomas Andrea Barbey, made of ink and using pixel technique. As well as the work of the Historical by artist Pavlos, which looks like a traditional drawing with charcoal in a distance, but in fact it is made of thin metal shavings, cramped between two sheets of plexiglass.


Galerie Berthéas


To get inside you need to ring the bell. The gallery features artists such as Claude Venard, Speedy Graphito, Arman.



Galerie Karsten Greve


The feature of this gallery: the works of art do not have any signs - only numbers. At the administration desk in front of the entrance you will have to ask for a catalog in which you can find the information about authors and all the necessary technical information according to the number. Another feature: the gallery has got 3 floors. Carsten Greve features serious modern artists having average ages ranging from 40 to 80. Among them are Lawrence Carroll, Georgia Russell, Gideon Rubbin and others. I mostly liked the porcelain sculptures of TV and tape recorder of the 80s by Ma Jun. The exhibition assumes theme-based subjects. To get into the gallery you need to ring the bell at the entrance.


Galerie Art Symbol (1)


The gallery specializes in Pop Art. I didn't really like the exhibition. Not a very welcoming gallerist. 


Bel-Air Fine Art


The gallery features three authentic sculptures by artist Jeff Koons, which he made in collaboration with the famous French porcelain factory Bernardaud. This gallery is a branch of a major global network. However, it is one of the most modest today. The gallery is a must-visit, as it contains iconic artists of our time. 


Galerie du Marais


A small but very packed gallery. Painting is rather decorative and salon. Sculptures are also on display. 


Next Street Gallery


A young and active gallery specializing in Street and Pop Art. According to the administrator, it features young, but already well-listed artists of 35 years old. The works are lively, with a bit of a teenage enthusiasm. 


Ariel Jakob


The gallery hosted the Exhibition Magi Puig. The paintings impressed me being decorative, somewhat salon. 


Galerie Vivendi


This gallery has a very friendly owner. According to the administrator, the gallery is a partner of the Marc Hachem gallery. He specializes in Kinetic art and has a decent collection of pioneers of this genre. Works are insanely interesting to watch live! They can be blown (as the gallerist showed). The owner, without the slightest request on my part, took me all over the gallery and told me about almost all of the works in the collection, and even brought me to the back room, where the unexposed works are stored. Art is sincerely loved here, and if you love it too, then you definitely need to visit this place! 


Mark Hachem


A Galerie Vivendi Partner Gallery. It specializes in contemporary art. 


Galerie Artmundi


The gallery is mainly represented by sculpture and installation. The gallery has such well-known modern artists as Sergi Cadenas, Luis Bivar and Rudy Morandini. I was mostly interested in the sculpture-installation "Shark" by Sergi Cadenas. The shark's tin sculpture was divided into several parts and suspended. Parts of the shark fought against each other, creating an interesting musical rhythm. The gallerist explained to me that the work has a mechanism that needs to be manually started. The winding mechanism can work for about 15 hours. 


Galerie Mickael Marciano


A gallery that has serious names in the art world, such as Arman, Nicolas Odinet, Mariela and others. I was struck by the color at the works of the artist Malinowski. It seems to me that I have never seen such a bright color in painting. Paintings literally glow from the inside! To my question how the artist achieved this, the gallerist said that it is of course a big secret of the author and the gallery. 


Galerie 26


A small and cozy gallery, which according to its owner works with the same artists for 35 years of its existence. The gallery's feature: it has a mezzanine, on which the owner sits. 


Art Symbol Gallery (2)


Pop Art Gallery, which has artists such as: Belardo, August, Braud, Masaya. I was most impressed by the works of the artist Masaya. Very lively, bright, with sequins and metal. A real modern Paris.


Carré d'Artistes


The gallery has its own special business model. It is implicates that art should be accessible and works should be allowed to be touched with hands, unlike traditional galleries and museums. So that’s why they are packed in plastic bags, just like in a supermarket. The gallery itself resembles music or fashion store. There's youth music inside. You feel like you got into a H&M store. I think the gallery's main audience is young people under 35-40 years old. The prices are more than democratic. Carré d'Artistes is a network located in 12 major megacities of different countries. The gallery aims to expand and is opening many new branches. There are several branches in Paris already. The Art Committee selects works based on the location of a particular gallery, i.e. for a certain city block. The gallery on Saint Germain presents rather eclectic art; a lot of tourist paintings with the Eiffel Tower and other obscenities, but there are also interesting works, mostly in the style of Pop Art. Another feature: the gallery is ready to show your favorite picture on a specially designated white wall, so that the buyer can understand how the work will look in the interior. In general, it is quite a funny place, worth visiting, at least to for the purposes of widening of your knowledge about the ways how the art is sold.


Galerie Ange Basso


The gallery specializes in Pop and Street Art. The small gallery space corresponds with a very neat hanging. The gallery contains artists of different ages. In total, the gallery collaborates with 15 artists, but hardly shows them all because of its modest size. Feature: No pointers with artist names. You will need to ask the gallerist. I liked the works presented in the gallery, so I really recommend to visit it.


Galerie Cyril Guernieri


The gallery specializes in sculpture and monotype. The gallery has a rather modest space.


Galerie Alain le Gaillard


The gallery specializes in Avant-garde. Her assets include: Wilfredo Lam, Leon Tutundjian, Le Corbusier, Amedee Osenfant, Francis Picabia, Oscar Dominguez, Willy Maywald, Erwin Blumenfeld, Victor Brauner, Theodor Brauner. The gallery has an underground floor.


Galerie Renaud Vanuxem


The gallery allocates a permanent exhibition of sculpture and objects of worship made of wood, brought mainly from Africa and Oceania.


Galerie Lélia Mordoch


Very nice, in my opinion, gallery. Works with modern art, such as: media art, digital art, kinetic art, sculpture, digital painting on modern materials (plexiglass, mirror, plastic). One of the gallery walls is painted black with the code printed in html. During my visit, the gallery hosted an exhibition of the very fascinating French artist Miguel Chevalier.


Galerie Thomé


A gallery with a dimmed light, which makes an interesting effect when looking at the painter's paintings, remindful of illustrations of Dostoevsky's novels. The gallery's feature: rooms instead of signs. Here we need to ask for an annotation to go on.


Galerie Noir d'Ivoire


Another gallery with a permanent exhibition of sculptures and objects of worship made from the wood of Africa and Oceania.

19, rue Mazarine


3 Cerises sur une Étagère


The gallery belongs to a married couple. The peculiarity of this gallery is that it does not buy works of art and do not contract with artists. Cooperation is based solely on mutual trust. It turns out that this can happen even in France!


Galerie Daniel Besseiche


The gallery has a dimmed light. At the time of my visit there was an exhibition of French artist Franco Salas Borquez The Sea. Distantly reminded me of Aivazovsky in monochrome. A very sociable temporary gallerist. He watches Russia Today and dreams of living in Russia, because it is safer than in France. Typical French Trotskyist, very sweet.


Galerie Maria Wettergren


An interesting gallery of modern art where staff shows and explains the works to the audience. The gallery hosted an exhibition of a Danish artist who works at the junction of furniture and sculpture design. Very interesting, despite the fact that the image of IKEA still spins in my head.


Galerie Arnoux 


The gallery specializes in the avant-garde of the 1950s. Prices are shown right on the works.


Galerie Gimpel and Muller


It specializes in geometry-related art. The gallery collaborates with about 25 artists who, because of the small space, sometimes have to wait for 6 years to have a personal exhibition. A very pleasant gallerist, with whom you can easily talk about art and life.


Galerie Majestic 


The gallery has a very unpleasant elderly owner. It feels like you weren't expected here. Do not try to talk to him or you will get a lot of unpleasant aftersensations. The gallery has a permanent exhibition of sculptures and objects of worship from Africa and Oceania, but it is better to see them in the other two neighboring galleries.


27, Rue Guénégaud

75006 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 54 78 56

Tue—Sat: 11.00––19.00 (?)

Edifor Galerie Jean Briance


The average size gallery with numerous paintings in frames


Délire en Formation


An interesting place where modern art correspond to the theme of geometry. 

12, Rue Guénégaud


Galerie Aethiopia 


The art of Ethiopia can be clearly seen in the name.

23, Rue Guénégaud


Galerie Indian Heritage


Art related to Indian culture.

21, Rue Guénégaud


Dobkine and Kie


A Pop-up gallery with a small space in the shape of a square.


Galerie Anne et Just Jaeckin


A gallery of the artist-photographer, who is can meet on the spot. A very friendly young girl who can be asked about her work.


Mandalian Levy


The gallery presents painting and sculpture.


Espace At Bauer 


It is not very clear what the gallery specializes in. Lots of different antiquities and more.


Galerie Sol


The owner of the gallery is a Chinese woman. The gallery pays special attention to Chinese, European and for some reason Cuban art. At the administrators desk a girl from Taiwan shall tell you all about the exhibition.


Galerie Breheret


Externally it resembles something touristy rather than a gallery of modern art. The gallery features engravings, watercolors, pastels, oil and bronze sculptures. It has been operating since 1887.


Galerie Bettina Von Arnim


The gallery strives to look like a cabinet of rarities (or odditorium). The windows are designed so that they can be easily viewed from the bus window; the narrow pavement does not cause any influx of pedestrians. The interior of the room appears in the form of the letter L. The walls are made of MDF panels, which makes a rather interesting internal atmosphere. For the last 4 years the place has been striving to become more relevant. The works presented here are eclectic: from salon and tourist art to modern art. You can find and buy here some really interesting works. The gallery employee is a very nice young woman. In her story, she mentioned that she was in Russia (Vologda city) when she was 20 years old. She was struck by the mental abilities of young Russians, who, in her opinion, were precocious.


Galerie Charraudeau


The gallery owns works of art dated from 1907 to the present day. It mainly specializes in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. One of the owners is Russian. The gallery owns two art spaces located opposite each other and separated by a street. One space belongs to a furniture design. The second represents young modern artists.



Galerie Charraudeau (2)


The second space is the Charodo Gallery. During my visit there was an exhibition in the style of New age of three, quite young and not yet very experienced artists. To enter the gallery, you need to ring the bell.


Galerie Chastel-Marechal


The gallery represents the decorative art of the 30s and 70s. Lots of stunningly beautiful furniture and household items. The staff is well-versed in the subject and happy to talk about each of the item. In order to get into the gallery you need to ring the bell.


Galerie Mathivet


The gallery specializes in interior design. During my visit there was an exhibition of a very interesting modern artist-designer. Friendly staff is happy to tell you everything about the exhibition. There's a bell at the entrance.


Galerie Jacques de Vos 


There are two hall-rooms in the gallery. At the entrance it says, "Come in slowly." In the left hall-room there are works of art of the 20-40s. The walls are painted gray. Be sure to pay attention to a huge wooden staircase with an arch in the middle.


Galerie Félix Marcilhac


To enter you, you need to ring the bell. The gallery displays furniture and decor.


Galerie Dutko


An interesting gallery where you can look at the design of furniture and visual art of modern artists of all ages. Lots of really interesting works of art. Feature: no names of the works. To enter you, you need to ring the bell.


Galerie Arcanes


Not so long ago, the gallery was specializing in decorative art, but in the last few years it tries to focus on young modern art. According to the representative of the gallery, this is due to economic expediency. The gallery pays a lot of attention to new media and technologies. Visitors here are greeted friendly. There's a bell at the entrance.

Galerie Yves et Victor Gastou


For some reason the gallery does not have a sign, but I managed to find a small sign in the window. It has a large space, consisting of two halls. From the works here you can look at Art Deco of 60-80s and the works of contemporary artists. To enter you, you need to ring the bell.


Galerie Philippe Ratton


This gallery doesn't have a bell, but the door is closed. Strangely enough. They opened about a minute later when I was wandering in front of the door. The gallery features wooden figurines and objects of the cult of Africa and Oceania, as well as contemporary art. In the second room, the light is dimmed.


Galerie Meyer 


The gallery works with art objects of Oceania and Eskimos.

17, rue des Beaux-Arts


Galerie Bayart


The main direction of the gallery is sculpture. Even the paintings therein show a clear sculptural message. Many works have an interesting history of creation, for example: the sculptor works with foil or wood, and then casts it in bronze. I strongly recommend to visit it.


Galerie Marie Hélène de la Foresterie Divonne


A large gallery with three hall-rooms. There are two employees at the receptionist's desk. Feature: no direction notices. There is a branch in Brussels.


Galerie Mermoz


The gallery works with sculpture of Peru.


La Galerie du Crous de Paris 


The gallery specializes in working with very young artists who are still studying or recently graduated.


L'étoile d'Ishtar


The gallery works with the art of Ancient Egypt. Here you can buy a ring with a gemstone of one of the last dynasties for only 200 euros. A very intelligent and sociable gallery owner who is happy to talk to you about everything.


Didier Luttenbacher


The gallery specializes in ceramics of the French region of Sevres from the 19th to 20th centuries.


Alain Bovis


The gallery presents traditional art of Egypt and China.


Galerie Flak


Here you can explore the traditional art of Africa and Oceania.


Galerie Claude Bernard 


Gallery of Modern Art. Feature: you can buy posters and art-themed books inside.




The gallery presents an antique sculpture and objects of worship.


Jean François Roudillon


The gallery sets itself an ambitious task to discover new names in art. The administrator is a nice Chinese woman who is happy to talk about the exhibition.


Galerie Loft (second space of the Roudillon gallery)


This is the second part of the Roudillon gallery, located in the courtyard across the street.


Raymond Dreyfus 


A very modest gallery in size. The space here is gravitated to the square. Works with contemporary art.


JSC gallery


There is Francis Bacon flaunted in the gallery window. To get to the gallery you will need to arrange a visit in advance.


Raymond Dreyfus 


A very modest gallery in size. The space here is gravitated to the square. Works with contemporary art.


Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles


The gallery specializes in surrealism. Very pleasant and interesting gallerist, who is happy to talk about the exhibition, the gallery itself and even the art business. No directions, just numbers.


Written by Yod. 2019


Galerie le Minotaure (associated with the Alain le Gaillard gallery) 


The gallery features works by artists such as Joan Miro, Georges Valmier, Francis Picabia, Fernand Leger, Andis Kandinsky. By name tells us about the necessary to visit this gallery.


Galerie Berthet-Aittouares 


During my visit there was a very curious exhibition called Vera Molnar. Apparently, the gallery specializes in serious modern art.



Étienne de Causans 


The gallery looks very small from the outside, but it is a real cave of Ali Baba. A narrow corridor leads to a second large-sized hall. Feature: instead directions we have numbers. The gallery presents figurative painting.


Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles


The gallery specializes in surrealism. Very pleasant and interesting gallerist, who is happy to talk about the exhibition, the gallery itself and even the art business. No directions, just numbers.


Written by Yod. 2019