Artefacts Art Series: Confronting the Tragic Reality of War


War is a tragic aspect of human nature that we must face. Despite our collective longing for peace, conflicts persist in troubling our world, leaving countless lives shattered in their wake. Social media has brought the horrors of war closer to home, allowing us to witness its devastating impact in real-time.


When the conflict in Ukraine erupted and soldiers began sharing gruesome images of the war online, Ilya Yod was deeply affected. The brutality of these images compelled him to create the Artefacts series, which employs geometric abstractions to depict the disfigured body parts.


To render these abstract pieces in a tangible form, Ilya Yod employed the figures composed of cubes from his Figures series and altered them to generate geometric aberrations known as "artefacts" in 3D graphics terminology. Afterwards, he painted these resultant drawings with acrylics, producing a powerful collection of striking and impactful artworks.


Through his art, Ilya Yod hopes to confront the brutal reality of war and inspire meaningful dialogue about the impact of violence on human life.