Me. Human

Like many of my works, the Me. Human series, evokes various psychological and perceptual dichotomies: they are both universal and personal, scaring and relaxing, realistic and fictional. It proposes the interpretation of an individual's image, living in the new sociocultural phenomenon—the information society. Its character traits are the increasing power of information flow, mobility and unification of the mass consciousness. Human beings appear away from their biological form, turning into a model, a block construction, where each individual block

can be interpreted as a bit of information. The human shape looks rough, even primitive; the frightening image of a cyborg-like creature. Alluding to movements including realism, constructivism and digital art, paintings look brutal and euphoric at the same time. It would be a mistake to speak only about the two-dimensional surface. The model feels volumetric, transferring the viewer into the area, toward the sculpture. This effect is achieved with the help of new technologies, in particular digital sculpting.

gallery/yod, landscape 01_878x588px
gallery/yod, in the dark_878x588px
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gallery/yod, convinced_878x588px
gallery/yod, self portrait_878x588px
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gallery/yod, evening near the house_878x588px
gallery/yod_in the garden_429x288px