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Yod (1984-), an artist engaged in contemporary painting. His work captures aggregated images of modern citizens residing in a new environment: a fusion of digital reality, hyper-information, capitalist economy, liberal philosophy, and shows some attributes of digital art.


Raised in Leningrad and trained at the St. Petersburg School of Decorative Arts in a constructivist Russian painting style, inspired by contemporary art, Yod moved to France in 2007 graduating from the Poitiers Art School in 2010 with a degree in Emerging Practices to become a part of the French contemporary art scene, regularly exhibiting worldwide while simultaneously maintaining strong ties to the Russian cultural landscape. 


Throughout the 2010s Yod presented paintings in Moscow Center of Modern Art exhibitions series “Rectitude”. The exhibition curated by Vladimir Potapov demonstrated the most relevant contemporary painting practices as part of the international art scene. Since 2016, Yod has been actively working on his most important project — “Me. Human."


Working under a pseudonym to maintain anonymity, images of the artist are incognito.